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Backpack Shop in The Commons

Backpacks are equipment items used to store food. The main purpose of backpacks is to store food until it is full. When full, players must return back to their nest and feed it to their eggs, which in return, gives coins. The only exception to this rule is the Infinity Backpack, which allows players to have an unlimited amount of storage. They can be purchased at shops in different zones.

  • There are currently 16 backpacks in the game.

Backpack List

Backpack Price Coins Capacity Zone
Backpack 0 150 The Commons
Backpack 1 1200 480 The Commons
Backpack 2 3000 1080 The Commons
Backpack 3 28.8K 6000 The Commons
Backpack 4 400K 50K Frozen Valley
Backpack 5 5M 307K Frozen Valley
Backpack 6 60M 5M Frozen Valley
Backpack 7 200M 160M The Underworld
Backpack 8 2.5B 1.26B The Underworld
Backpack 9 20B 10B Ocean Depths
Backpack 10 160B 80B Ocean Depths
Backpack 11 1.3T 646B Tiki Island
Backpack 12 10.3T 5.2T Tiki Island
Backpack 13 164T 82.4T Tiki Island
Backpack 14 13.5q 2.70q The Crystal Island
Infinity Backpack 685 Robux
750 Gems
Game Pass Shop
All Backpack Shops
Sacrificial Palace